Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saosin - s/t - Capitol Records

Well here I am again, back reviewing. Iill be posting reviews here I do for the magazine Reporter here at the Rochester Institute of Technology where I am currently attending school for engineering. so...... here you go, a nice new nugget of review, for your reading pleasure!

The major label debut from emo/rock outfit Saosin is the band’s first recording since the departure of their frontman Anthony Green, who now handles vocal duties in the critically acclaimed Circa Survive. While Green may be gone, in a way he never left. Filling his shoes is Cove Reber, who sounds almost exactly like green, high voice and small vocal range included.

The sound on this album sees Saosin tipping their hats to the sounds of earlier Thrice (minus the screams of course, I mean this is a major label record!), later Thursday, and oddly enough, themselves. Much of the music featured sounds merely like rehashed versions of songs from their last EP, Translating the Name. Crunchy and calculated guitar riffs are adorned with occasional harmonics, while the drummer bashes away happily, peppering each song with fancy fills and fast beats. I had trouble hearing the bass at all, which may either be due to mixing problems, or the fact that the bass player usually just finds and plays the root note, getting lost in the beefy guitar tone.

The bottom line on this record is that it is well executed emo-rock (I know, I cringed when I said it too) that has been overproduced and studio-polished to perfection. The biggest problem with this release is that all the songs are so forgettable and similar that the album lacks direction. Sometimes I forget wheather I was listening to the first song, or the third song, or wait, was it the seventh song? Oh well, I’ve already lost interest anyway…



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