Monday, February 18, 2008

Paint It Black – New Lexicon

We all get pissed off, but by the sounds of it, the three guys in Paint It Black get pissed off A LOT. It’s the only way to explain what fuels the endless stream of aggression from start to finish on their latest album New Lexicon. Paint It Black have a loud sound that draws as much from the 1980’s Washington DC hardcore scene as it does from old-school Bay Area thrash metal and the discordance of modern hardcore bands like Botch. And if you listen really close, you can hear a slight classic rock swagger that gives New Lexicon a great attitude. The songs are short, and to the point, with lyrics touching base on everything from poverty stricken youth, to religious missionaries and drug abuse. Paint It Black delivers punk rock gold with this disk, blending memorable guitar riffs, meaningful lyrics, and an unrelenting, good ‘ole fashioned punk rock attitude.


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