Monday, February 18, 2008

The Recieving End Of Sirens

The Receiving End Of Sirens – And The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi

Sometimes, bands get the bright idea to write a concept album. Nine times out of ten, the idea actually isn’t so bright. But if there is any place where an album based on sixteenth century astronomer Johannes Kepler’s theory of the tonality of the solar system would fit in, that place is RIT. The Receiving End of Sirens try their hardest to impress the listener on this disc, but no matter how hard you scrub the eyeliner off of an emo band, they are still crying on the inside. However, TREOS (excuse the awkward abbreviation) bring some welcome changes to the typical emo style. A heavy Cave In influence is apparent not only in the spacey electronic interludes, but in the vocals as well. But this just isn’t enough. The songs blend together, lacking any memorable or unique moments that could have saved this album from the doldrums of familiarity. For more of the same, but with electronics, The Receiving End of Sirens is your band.


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