Saturday, February 23, 2008

Vampire Weekend - s/t

Somewhere along the line, unbeknownst to the parties involved in the conception, The Beatles and Gang Of Four had a love child. It’s name is Vampire Weekend. Blending the pop structure and knack for melody of the former, and the creative punk edge of the latter, Vampire Weekend make for a truly interesting listen. The band comes across like a delicious flavored toothbrush. They’re just sweet enough not to give you a cavity, and just aggressive enough not to cut your gums. They make your mouth tingle and please your taste-buds. An unexpected influence emerges halfway through the album, when island style guitar is met with African style drumming much akin to the solo work of Paul Simon. The second half of this album is a ménage a tois of the three primary influences of the band. The end result is a handful of unforgettable melodies, and the utter disbelief that anyone would ever make music that could be described as a candy toothbrush. But trust me, it’s true! Vampire Weekend is Proof!


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