Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Fall of Troy – Manipulator

Throw Coheed & Cambria, Hot Cross, Underoath, and RX Bandits in a blender, and you’ve made yourself a hellish smoothie known as “The Fall of Troy.” You may think that a combination of the above mentioned bands would likely result in a tasty musical endeavor, but you’re completely wrong. Think of it this way: pizza is awesome, ice cream is delicious, and kiwi is delectable. All those foods are great, but for different reasons. Combine them, and somehow the best traits off all the foods are lost, and you’re left with turd soup. That’s The Fall of Troy in a nutshell for ya! On Manipulator, the bands sophomore release, they occasionally show flashes of brilliance in many areas. There are spots of great guitar riffage, great vocal melody, and odd time signatures. But for every thing The Fall of Troy does right, they do ten things wrong. The most blatantly obvious is the childish and pointless screams found throughout the bands songs. It works for some bands, but not here. There are also moments where the actual singing seems way too sugar-coated in falsetto to be taken seriously. The result is a mish-mash of influences that don’t really compliment each other in the least. If done right, you’re left with a delicious musical creamsicle, but left to the wrong hands; we’re right back to turd soup.


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