Saturday, February 23, 2008

Meniscus – Absence of I

Great music pops up in all corners of the globe, and Meniscus is testament to that fact. Hailing from Sydney Australia, Meniscus put a most unique spin on the post-metal style. Yes, you can hear the influence of Isis and at some points Red Sparrows, but the ordinary formula stops there. Meniscus opt for a more straight-forward approach, moving quickly between themes and letting no riff sit long enough to grow stale. In this respect, they draw more on Deftones during their heavier moments than their obvious post-metal peers. But the element that tips this four song EP over the edge is the drumming. The drummer has a unique style, blending African and Latin beats into places you would’ve thought impossible. The result is a refreshing new take on the genre. The guitars, when not being pummeled into a state of overdriven submission, also add unique quips here and there, be it wah-wah, or tasty overlapping delay. Not many people may know who Meniscus is right now, but if this is an indication of what’s to come from the group, that will change very quickly.


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