Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bob Mould - District Line

The latest solo album from Bob Mould, formerly of ‘70s punk stalwarts Husker Du, is possibly his best yet. . Bob Mould’s solo work could be best described as an updated 90s rock sound, with a few electronics thrown in as accents. Honest lyrics are delivered in Mould’s classic powerful tone, on top of driving and creative rock backdrops. As opposed to some of his earlier solo work, District Line doesn’t feel dated, or repetitive. Opener “Stupid Now” channels the punk edge of Mould’s adolescence, while thoughtful tunes such as “The Silence Between Us” utilize a lyrical maturity that is a true rarity in music today. There are no groundbreaking musical developments here, resulting in un-cluttered songs that are easy to listen to. Mould does not attempt to re-create the wheel, and instead turns his attention to assembling tunes which are enjoyable from start to finish. Mould sounds truly vulnerable on District Lines, but without sounding depressed or sappy. Instead, the listener is offered a glimpse into the personality of a man, and insight into a few of his life experiences. This is personal quality, coupled with the top-notch songwriting, make this a must-hear.


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